Alianza Minerals Closes Oversubscribed C$1.1M Financing; Drilling To Start At Haldane In August

Posted on: Jul 23, 2019

After Alianza Minerals (ANZ.V) increased the earlier announced C$750k financing to C$1M after it received plenty of interest, this C$0.05 round eventually closed at C$1.1M, which is nothing but successful for a tiny C$5M market cap at the time of closing. According to management, a number of existing shareholders were  keen to average down at these low prices, but also a few new groups came in after hard work of Executive Chairman Mark T. Brown and CEO Jason Weber. The financing consisted of C$691k in 5c non-flow through units with a full warrant (3 year, 10c), and C$414k in 6c flow through shares. Finder’s fees of 7.5% in cash and 7.5% in finder’s warrants were paid to eligible parties. All in all this meant 20.7M additional shares and 13.8M warrants, which when all exercised would mean considerable dilution, but nothing out of the ordinary, as the share structure still is very decent at 81M O/S, and it really is time to spend serious money on drilling. With this extra money Alianza will be able to expand the upcoming drill program at their flagship Haldane silver project, which is good news of course.

Investors seemed to realize they missed their chances at the financing as the gold price and a modestly following silver price went up, and sentiment started changing for junior explorers. Pretty intense buying in the open markets in the last few weeks saw the share price of Alianza almost fully recover to levels seen the last time in Q2 2018, and it now stands at 9c again.


Share price; 2 year time frame

In the meantime, Alianza completed their Phase I work program at Haldane, consisting of soil geochemical sampling, mapping and trenching. This program was intended to further define drill targets, for which a Phase II program is slated to start in August. The main focus for management are the new targets like the Bighorn anomaly, and the extensions of known target areas like the Ross and Mount Haldane Veins System targets. According to the news release, a decent amount of work has been completed for Phase I:

“Trenching was completed at the Bighorn and MHVS areas, with three trenches totaling 153 metres excavated at the Bighorn Anomaly and one new trench (West Fault Road trench) completed at the MHVS. Eighty-seven grab and chip samples and 8 soil samples were collected from trenches. Additional soil geochemical sampling was also completed west of the Bighorn Anomaly and several lines of in-fill soil samples were collected at the MHVS where prior sampling widely-spaced or incomplete. A total of 409 soils were collected.”

In green the locations of Phase I work:

Too bad they didn’t provide any results in the announcement yet, but analytical results are expected any day now. Historic results were pretty impressive, so I expect some high grade sampling results here. The main goal was to define controlling structures, and refine the location of the offset fault on the Robert Service Thrust Fault (see low right on the map), which in turn results in drill targets of course. The results for the assays itself are expected in October/November 2019.

Besides Haldane, Alianza also has the Hochschild JV operational. Hochschild has optioned three Nevada sediment-hosted gold properties from Alianza. The BP and Bellview properties are located in the southern extension of the Carlin Trend, while the Horsethief property represents an off-trend gold target located 26 km east of Pioche, NV. The Horsethief property is considered the most prospective by Alianza, and already was the focus of attention. As a reminder, here are the JV terms for the Horsethief and BP Property again:

1.Horsethief Property

Hochschild can earn a 60% interest in the Horsethief Property by conducting US$5 million in exploration on the property over a 5.5 year period, with a committed minimum expenditure of US$500,000 in the first 18 months and a minimum US$500,000 in each subsequent year. Within 60 days of acceptance of the first option, Hochschild may elect to undertake a second option to earn an additional 10% (total 70%) in the property by funding a further US$5 million in exploration over 3 years (minimum US$500,000 in exploration per year).

3.BP Property

Hochschild can earn a 60% interest in the BP Property by conducting US$2.5 million in exploration on the property over a 4.5 year period, with a committed minimum expenditure of US$100,000 in the first 18 months and a minimum US$500,000 in each subsequent year. Within 60 days of acceptance of the first option, Hochschild may elect to undertake a second option to earn an additional 10% (total 70%) in the property by funding a further US$2.5 million in exploration over 3 years (minimum US$500,000 in exploration per year). Alianza is the operator. Hochschild will reimburse Alianza for 2018 property taxes and permit costs, totalling approximately US$41,600.

According to this news release published at the end of June, the first phase of exploration work at Horsethief was completed, but I found it to be a bit confusing that no results were published on Horsethief, as they will be at Haldane for example. According to CEO Weber, this was done because of the nature of the work which was almost entirely mapping and structural analysis. Some samples were taken but not very many and those results will be published when they are recieved.

Drilling for Horsethief will likely be starting up in October/November, and December will most likely see the drilling results subject to approval of the earn in partner Hochschild.

In the same news release it was mentioned that the Phase I field program on the BP Project had commenced. BP will not see any drilling this year, as the planning is set out to be like this: the 2019 program is expected to occur in two phases. The first consisting of mapping and geochemical sampling will occur in June and July, with a second phase of detailed mapping and sampling, and possibly geophysics to be completed in September. Results should come in around December as well.


After signing two deals with Hochschild and Coeur, two household silver names in the space, defining targets and raising another C$1.1M, Alianza Minerals is good to go for drilling at their flagship silver Haldane project. This will happen in August, and with precious metals sentiment improving (although silver at a lower pace than gold, but catching up lately), finally there seems to be some kind of sentiment reversal for the good towards silver, which has been very negative since the last bull market which ended in 2012.

Experts point at very low physical holdings, but as banks have bought large amounts, I only see a manipulated market with no real fundamentals, sentiment drivers at most as I like to call them. I have no clue where gold and silver will go in the near future, but as long as gold stays above $1400 and silver above $16, things are looking slightly brighter nowadays. And of course this matters for Alianza, as improved metals sentiment could be a formidable catalyst on good drill results at Haldane. I am watching with interest.

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