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In my view CEO of Swiss Resource Capital Jochen Staiger and anchor of Commodity-TV does a good job in asking solid questions to management during short, interesting interviews, to create more investor awareness around the globe but especially in German-speaking countries like Germany, Switzerland and Austria. On top of that he is probably one of the best networkers in the industry with contacts ranging from mining company management to fund managers, and from European newsoutlets and newsletters to high net worth investors. The Critical Investor is associated with Commodity-TV on a non-financial basis.

Commodity-TV is part of Swiss Resource Capital AG (SRC), based in Switzerland. SRC aims to be a strong partner when entering the mining industry. SRC also works very closely with successful investment funds and asset managers, and has a worldwide professional network of experts and unique access to quality mining companies. SRC always keeps investors informed and stays ahead. Ongoing analysis, monitoring and contact with management, and site visits of selected projects keeps SRC abreast of promising investment opportunities in the resource sector. SRC's special news distribution system keeps investors informed all the time in English and German, and up to date about the latest developments.

SRC assists and delivers clear and concise information pertaining to precious metals and the resource sector in general, as well as selected mining companies. Through newly developed multimedia channels like the exclusive Commodity-TV and Rohstoff-TV, users have access anytime and anywhere in the world to comprehensive data and information.

Via exclusive events and one-on-one meetings, SRC is able to offer interested investors in many countries the opportunity to get direct information from and personal access to management of various mining companies.

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