Since I am a proud Media Partner of the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) for this year, I am happy to send you information about the largest, and at least in my view, best mining conference on the planet.

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This article is republished with permission of Exploration Insights. The original was published on August 14, 2015.

The Black Box of NI 43-101 Reports

POSTED ON August 14, 2015 BY Tim Oliver CATEGORY Stories,

Via Note to Readers: This is the July 26, 2015 Issue of Brent Cook’s Exploration Insights.

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This article is republished with the permission of Sprott Global. The original was posted on December 1, 2015, by Tekoa Da Silva.


“What would you like to talk about this time?” I asked my boss, after walking into his office.

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Republished with permission of Brent Cook on October 11, 2015:

Brent Cook on Rubicon Minerals

Rubicon Minerals (RMX.T, RBY.NYSE) got hammered this week after, 1) announcing milling operations had been temporarily suspended by the Ministry of Environment and Climate due to elevated ammonia being discharged into the tailings pond; and, 2) its President and CEO, Michael Lalonde, bailed.

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Republished with permission of Brent Cook, originally published in 2014:

By Brent Cook of Exploration Insights

As we all know, for most speculators and investors the past few years in the mining and exploration sector have been disastrous. However, there are a number of fundamental trends that have been set in motion over the past few years that follow upon the previous decade long bull market that point to an improving investment climate for the junior miners.

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After the first part of my interview with Rick Rule generated quite a bit of attention, I’m pleased to continue with the interview in this second, and equally extensive part, in a series of no less then four parts. As Rick is one of the best speakers in the mining sector, there is no shortage of lengthy, whitty, funny and knowledgeable answers.

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Several months ago I thought of something different. Wouldn’t it be nice to interview the real movers and shakers in the mining industry? I decided to start with Rick Rule who is present at almost every conference I go to myself, and easily approachable.

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South Deep; Gold Fields

Once in a while I run into countrymen in the mining business, and as a Dutchman this doesn't happen too often. Notwithstanding this, I was connected to a gentleman named Kees Dekker through a mutual contact, and it appeared soon enough that Kees shared a preference for critical analysis with me.

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