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Junior Mining Companies

As the population of the world will continue to expand the following decades, so does the need for natural resources, as they are needed everywhere in our lives. Unfortunately, natural resources are not available in unlimited quantities. As the easy, near surface, high grade discoveries are already exploited, new resources are becoming more and more difficult and expensive to locate and mine. Another reason for limited availability is geopolitics, when for example export bans are initiated by more or less supply dominating countries. Although we believe the very strong growth of China has run its course and will follow a more moderated path, the underlying thesis of a growing population versus growing natural resource scarcity will remain valid, and will offer enough opportunities in the natural resource sector in our opinion.

As the highest returns on investment are possible with junior mining companies (of course accompanied by a very high risk of failure as well), even bigger than bio-techs, this sector seems to be the most interesting to analyze. The goal is to find undervalued and high quality companies, which have a favorable risk/reward ratio. This isn't easy. The pricing of mining stocks depends on demand and supply dynamics, company/project fundamentals, macro economic events, market forces and of course speculation. Therefore this takes thorough research, and often third party advise or discussions to find interesting opportunities.

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