Dolly Varden Silver

After announcing a C$5.3M investment at February 23, 2022 at a share price of C$0.59 in Dolly Varden Silver (DV.V)(DOLLF.US), maintaining their equity interest at 10.25%, Hecla Mining (HL.US) decided to invest further in the company, as part of a larger round led by Eventus Capital and Research Capital, which also saw other existing shareholder Eric Sprott participating again.

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After a failed hostile take over attempt of Dolly Varden Silver (DV.V)(DOLLF.US) in in the past, Hecla Mining (HL.US) now resorts to maintaining their pro-rata equity interest in the company these days, as it exercised its anti-dilution right regarding the Homestake Ridge transaction.

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At a point where the COVID-19 pandemic is playing out the Omicron variant, inflation is reaching levels not seen in decades, the Fed surprising the markets with a more hawkish stance than anticipated, with metal prices at very high levels although gold and silver seem to be consolidating and setting up for a breakout, The Critical Investor was asked again by Streetwise Reports to provide his top picks for the new year.

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  1. Introduction

Sometimes you come across companies that are well financed, have good assets, strong backers and management, but don’t seem to get much traction during a tough commodity market. Dolly Varden Silver (DV.V)(DOLLF.US) fits that bill nicely, but after a correction in the silver price its management decided it was time to do something bold to set itself apart from the crowd.

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