About is an online mining platform specialized in junior mining companies. The editor is an avid and critical mining and mining related stock investor from Europe, with a MSc background in projectmanagement. Number cruncher, looking for high quality companies, strong short term catalysts and deep value. The aim is to get extensive understanding of all ins and outs of a possible investment opportunity, in order to be able to make the best possible risk/reward interpretations. often discusses his research and analysis besides company management with other mining sector professionals like geologists, mining engineers, analysts, fund managers and others before publicizing any content, to make sure basic quality standards of the industry are met.

This intention is the result of a conviction that anyone should know all important/necessary details (as far as they can be identified of course) in order to allocate own capital with sufficient insight and awareness of risks. Especially junior miners experience a lot of hidden risks which tend to be easily overlooked, and don't always seem to be addressed adequately in for example rather optimistic sell side analyst reports. Without knowing necessary details, seeking alpha in resources could quickly end up in finding disaster. Looking for long term, deep value/growth investments and short term, catalyst driven opportunities.

In general: as the population of the world will continue to expand the following decades, so does the  need for natural resources, as they are needed everywhere in our lives. Unfortunately, natural resources are not available in unlimited quantities. As the easy, near surface, high grade deposits are already exploited, new resources are becoming more and more difficult and expensive to locate and mine. Another reason for limited availability are geopolitics, when for example export bans are initiated by more or less supply dominating countries. Although it seems likely that the very strong growth of China has run its course and will probably follow a more moderated path, creating a bear market in commodities at the moment (2014-2016) the underlying thesis of a growing population versus growing natural resource scarcity will remain valid, and could offer strong future opportunities in the natural resource sector.

As very high returns in limited time periods on investment are possible with junior mining companies (accompanied by a very high risk of failure as well), finds this sector to be the most interesting and challenging to analyze. Therefore a lot of junior mining companies are researched and contacted, looking for high quality candidates that could offer an attractive risk/reward ratio for investors. The resulting analysis is presented in articles and publications on this site (and on, and besides this other sources of possibly useful information are offered like blogs, news, charts, tables, general information and links to other websites. As is not a registered investment advisor, all information and opinions on this site are presented for information purposes only, so always do your own research.

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