Some possibly useful links on mining, investing, stock exchanges and related areas of interest:
Canadian,stock exchanges
Australian,stock exchange
Aggregator,of financial data, news, articles, etc on stocks and other securities,indices etc. Avoid boards
Aggregator of financial data, news, articles, etc on stocks and other securities, indices etc
Best platform on business and financial information, news and insights
Insider transactions of Canadian stocks
This institute publishes annually the most important mining friendly policy ranking of many jurisdictions worldwide
Organization set up by major gold producers in order to improve business
Newsletter by Brent Cook and Joe Mazumdar, considered by many to be the best newsletter and influential/sought after
Mining portal by Tommy Humpreys, meant to lift mining investment into the 21st century
Solid newsletter by James Kwantes
Largest bulletin board on mining stocks, many commenters with agenda's but also useful information
Newsletter by John Kaiser, more importantly, in my view the site also has by far the largest search engine in mining with very extensive data about companies and their projects.
This site follows up on precious metals very closely, has most pageviews in the mining industry, has trading attached to it and has Daniela Cambone
UK site on various UK listed small caps, lots of mining coverage
US government site on mining facts and figures
Detailed country statistics, charts and maps
Site on macro economic developments, facts and figures, often great opinion pieces
Newspaper, great articles
The biggest site on mining news, covering all relevant continents
Interesting behind-the-scene opinion platform, monitoring macro-economic and precious metals related developments
Site for 3D visualization of deposits based on disclosed drill results
The central source for all private placements of common and flow-through shares in the Metals & Mining, Oil & Gas, and Energy sectors for companies listed on the TSX, TSX-V, and CSE
One of the most successful investment firms in mining. House of Rick Rule
Aggregator of financial data, news etc, I use it only for real time gold futures data
Investing veteran Grant Williams provides a slightly sarcastic but deep view on macro economic developments worldwide
Close follower of the diamond industry, founder of the first diamond related ETF
Eric Coffin has seen the mining industry inside out from a young age, and runs the HRA newsletter(s) successfully since 1995
Knowledgeable Gwen Preston has recently developed a useful newsletter with solid picks and good macro commentary
Extensive collection of links and all sorts of information on junior mining
Probably most read blog in the mining business, highly controversial, often abusive language, combination of gossip and useful behind the scenes information.
A huge, free and comprehensive database on mining companies in the making but already functional, data provided and updated by companies themselves. Could very well become the successor of the Mining Almanac
Best and most comprehensive source for company news, as not all news is published on company pages, Marketwired etc, but it is on Stockwatch
Very interesting mining blog by a well connected, well informed editor
Critical, funny cynical style blog on the geo side of stock analysis. Irregular posting unfortunately.
Aggregator of news, articles and interviews, content provided by well-known names in the industry
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