Every now and then I am lucky enough to get positive feedback from mining industry insiders/professionals, and in some of those cases they are also willing to express their opinions to the audience. Here are some examples:


“In tough mining markets people have to ask the tough questions when making investment decisions, and it’s good to rely on people who do that all the time like the Critical Investor, who can guide people when they are doing their due diligence”

Mark T. Brown
President Pacific Opportunity Capital

"Good to see this kind of different, critical but fair analysis, cuts to the core and can be compared to buy-side reports"

Mark Morabito
Chairman and CEO King & Bay West

"Critical Investor is a pain in my a**! He's always kicking tires and asking the tough questions on projects I like. I appreciate his content."

Tommy Humphreys
Founder of CEO.CA

"I would actually argue that CI is one of the most respected commentators on juniors miners."

Anonymous hedge fund analyst on CEO.CA

"The junior mining industry is awash with lofty promises from newsletter writers that show little regard to the facts.  It is pleasing to see the alternate path being taken by the Critical Investor, where deep analysis and rigour are applied, and some genuine insight is gained.  Keep up the good work!"

Mark Saxon
President and CEO Tasman Metals

"I got to know Critical Investor through the chat site, then met him in person at one of my Subscriber Investment Summits. From a number of company specific conversations we've had I can tell you he definitely does his homework, and takes his analysis very seriously. There are plenty of sites around that will be happy to write up a company that sponsors it, but I think CI is definitely a case where no promises are made to potential sponsors and companies know they engage CI "at their own risk". If he doesn't like what he sees during his extensive due diligence or spots a red flag he won't let the company off the hook and won't sugar coat it. He'll talk about the company, warts and all, in his reporting. As a reader, that's what you want. There is only some overlap in the companies we follow but I know the ones on his list and they are all solid choices. It's clear he's only interested in serious deals with serious potential and that comes through in his reports"

Eric Coffin
Editor of Hard Rock Analyst Advisories

“I have been following Critical Investor for almost four years now.  Tough questions are asked (as I know firsthand), solid research is done and the investor is provided with solid material to make good decisions about where to put his or her money.  Both analysis and website are a great resource for those wanting insight into both the risks and opportunities of the sector.”

Michael McPhie
Executive Chairman, IDM Mining Ltd


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