Argentina Lithium

Salar de Rincon; Salta Province, Argentina

In a time with record inflation, the Russia-Ukraine conflict advancing into a decisive phase as the Ukraine is almost completely shut off from the Black Sea now, with even Odessa under missile attack despite a transport/trading agreement on grain exports, the lithium product prices keep hovering at staggering heights, with spot pricing for lithium carbonate still near the 500,000 yuan/t, or US$75,000/t.

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As lithium product prices keep rising, and recently reached not too long ago unimaginable heights of US$34,000/t lithium carbonate at battery grade, Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp. (TSX-V: LIT, FSE: OAY1, OTC: PNXLF) hasn’t been sitting on their hands, raised almost C$6M in an oversubscribed financing last month, and announced further acquisitions of lithium projects in Argentina, in the heart of the Lithium Triangle, hotspot of brine deposits and operations in Latin America.

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At a point where the COVID-19 pandemic is playing out the Omicron variant, inflation is reaching levels not seen in decades, the Fed surprising the markets with a more hawkish stance than anticipated, with metal prices at very high levels although gold and silver seem to be consolidating and setting up for a breakout, The Critical Investor was asked again by Streetwise Reports to provide his top picks for the new year.

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Salar de Rincon; Salta province, Argentina

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp. (TSX-V: LIT, FSE: OAY1, OTC: PNXLF) seems to be capitalizing nicely on the unstoppable all time high lithium prices, as it is raising significant amounts of cash at the moment, currently standing at C$4.99M and not done yet.

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Salar de Incahuasi; Catamarca province, Argentina

There seems to be no end in sight for current battery metals sentiment, and lithium product prices are the largest beneficiaries in this regard, which is obviously of interest for Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp.

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  1. Introduction

As lithium sentiment has been improving dramatically since Q4, 2020 for various reasons, Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp. (TSX-V: LIT, FSE: OAY1, OTC: PNXLF) is looking to restart their activities again, after a long period of inactivity due to low lithium product prices.

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