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As mixed macro-economic numbers continue to confuse the Federal Reserve, there seems to be growing consensus that the first rate cut might be in the cards for September, and the European counterpart is planning to cut rates even earlier. This could be a positive for metal prices and economic activity, although in my view it could drive up inflation again.

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As analysts debate whether the world economy is heading into a mild recession, with the Fed hesitating if they should pivot soon or not, Inomin Mines (MINE.V)(FRA:IMC) delivered further impressive drill results from their 100% owned, 24,000 hectare Beaver-Lynx project in south-central, BC, The drilling program commenced  in June, right after the company closed  their C$607k non-brokered financing.

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In these times of increased uncertainties, with a recession looming, a US government that last minute avoided a potentially catastrophic default by approving the debt ceiling bill, and a Fed doubting if they should raise interest rates further or not as inflation is on the way down but still high, Inomin Mines (MINE.V)(FRA:IMC)

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After the last rate hike by the Federal Reserve on May 3, 2023, a more dovish stance seems in the cards, being favorable for gold, which printed an  all - time high of US$2082/oz Au that day. Inomin Mines (MINE.V)(FRA:IMC) is primarily focusing on their magnesium-nickel Beaver-Lynx project in British Columbia which generated a significant discovery announced last spring, but it also has several very interesting gold-silver projects in Mexico, which of course stand to benefit from the recent developments in gold.

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  1. Introduction

At a time where the Western hemisphere is looking to become less dependent on China and others for critical metals and minerals and is scrambling for battery metals, Inomin Mines (MINE.V)(FRA:IMC) is focusing on exploring exactly for these commodities. The company already experienced explosive drilling success in 2022 at their Beaver-Lynx project in British Columbia, by intercepting 252m of 20.6% Magnesium and 0.16% Nickel close to surface, accompanied by 4 other impressive holes.

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